Professional Art Installation (Pro Art) is headquartered in Central Texas. “Pro Art’s mission is to provide pleasant experience at the highest standard of excellence .” Pro Art is run by Matt DeBow, his meticulous nature and background in construction and visual communication is a perfect fit for this industry.

His past experience includes working with interiors designers, art installers, artists, architects, he found a great sense of accomplishment in adding art into people lives, by beatifying their homes, offices or buildings. Beginning in 1998 as an Installation Manager for the Wiseman Group Interior Design, it helped him understand the importance of creative expression and visual comfort within a space. Then later while managing Studio Estates; overseeing set design give him a clearer understanding how art projects are taken from concept, design and built to precision in an extremely short time. Working whit projects helped him understand how design elements can quickly set the dynamic of any given space. DeBow’s real estate management background helped him understand intricacies and logistics of managing projects.

The word “Installation” is to include;  delivery coordinating, meeting delivery of shipment, unloading shipment, placement of art, assembly of and or hanging pieces, which can include on-site disposal waste or removing packaging from site.  If needed; any rigging, scaffolding ladders to accomplish the more intricate installs are never an issue.  In some cases fabrication of a holder, stand or to erect art pieces properly and safely is what is done. His team consists of installers, artist and talented people.

Pro Art service is tailored to meet all of your requirements. Even if its a just a mirror, a special art piece, or hundreds, we’re always ready to meet your installation needs. By using two-point installation whenever possible, or security hardware the art will remain fixed on the wall and not shift over time, and reduces the incident of theft. Doing what ever it take implement and complete your project properly.

Installing: Residential, Commercial, Corporate Offices, Restaurants, Clubs, Retirement Centers, Nursing Homes, Doctors Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Resorts, Museums, Galleries, Studios and Production Sets.

All Pro Art installers arrive with a professional appearance and demeanor, ready to curate your home or office. References are available on request. We have assembled the best talent and experience available in Central Texas, to gracefully and elegantly meet any art installation challenge, no project too small or large. All work is guaranteed.

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