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Expert Art Hanging

We will determine the best hanging hardware in every situation. Given the dimensions, weight, wall material the art frame. Hanging hardware requests are accepted as long as it agrees with the specs of the framing construction. Hanging hardware available include classic picture framing wire, D-Rings, Mirror Hangers, French Cleats, Standoffs, Ceiling hanging systems and custom. We are artists and carpenters, we can build and custom design, mounts, cases, frames and lighting that you may need.

Pickup/Delivery & Packaging

Management and logistical organizing is our specialty. We will coordinate shipping and truck pickup for a single piece of art, or hundreds. Need a crate to transport your art in? Crate Fabrication; we will build a crate to protect any piece of art during transport to and from any location.

Professional Art Placement

We will relocate, hang, and install your fragile and delicate pieces to add the best aesthetic appeal possible to your home or office. Our art installers will hang your art in such a way that it will be safely secured to the wall, and displayed to look its best. We will hang your pictures in hallways, entryways, or anywhere else you could possibly imagine! If you want lighting behind your art, just ask our installers about your options.

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