Professional Art Installation

Bringing art to life, one installation at a time.

Who We Are

We are a professional art installation company. Our aim is to create innovative and visually striking installations that transform spaces. Our team consists of skilled artists who work closely with clients to bring their ideas to fruition.

What We Do

We specialize in designing where you art goes and executing custom art installations for various environments. Our services range from installing large-scale sculptures and murals to designing unique interior features and exterior landscaping elements.

Satisfaction Garuteed

At Professional Art Installation. customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed expectations on every project by delivering high-quality work, open and transparent communication, and a collaborative approach to problem-solving.

SINCE 1998

Providing Professional Services

Professional Art Installation (Pro Art) is headquartered in Central Texas. “Pro Art’s mission is to provide pleasant experience at the highest standard of excellence .” Pro Art is run by Matt DeBow, his meticulous nature and background in construction and visual communication is a perfect fit for this industry.


Our clients are the foundation of our success. Their satisfaction with our work speaks to our commitment to delivering exceptional results on every project.